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International application

To get an estimate of your move we need to know many details about your current location and your destination, and on the items you are moving. Please use our online estimate form to submit your information. We will get back to you by phone or fax with the FREE estimate.

We will stand by our quote: given that the information received from you is accurate, the price we charge you will be within the quote (or lower if possible).
Privacy policy

Benini Moving Company is committed to respecting the privacy of individuals and recognizes a need for the appropriate management and protection of any personal information that you agree to provide to us.

We will not share the information with any third party outside of our organization, other than as necessary to fulfill your request.
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Address Moving From (include apartment number):

  Please check if moving from a private residence:
  Please note how many flights of stairs in your current
  Please check if building has elevator:

Address Moving To (include apartment number):

  Please check if moving to a private residence:
  Please note how many flights of stairs in your new
  Please check if building has elevator:
  Please check if storage is required:
  Approximate moving date:
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Living Room:

Article Pieces Article Pieces Article Pieces
Bar Footstool Sofa, Loveseat
Bench, Frsd/Piano Hall Tree Rack Sofa, 3 Cushion
Bookcase Hall Tree Large Sofa, Hide, 4 Cush
Bookshelves, Sect. Lamp, Floor Stereo Component
Cabinet, Curio Lamp, Pole Stereo, Console
Chair, Straight Magazine Rack Tables, Dropl/Occas
Chair, Arm Music Cabinet Tables, Coffee
Chair, Rocker Piano Baby Gr/Upr Tables, End
Chair, Occasional Piano, Grand Telephone Stand
Chair, Overstuffed Piano, Spinet/Console TV, Portable
Chest Radio, Table TV, Table Model
Clock, Grandfather Rec. Player, Port. TV, Console
Day Bed Rugs Lg Roll/Pad TV, Combination
Desk, SM/Winthrop Rugs Sm Roll/Pad TV Stand
Desk, Secretary Sofa Rattan/Wicker Trunk
Fireplace Equip. Sofa, Sec., Per Sec.

Dining Room

Article Pieces Article Pieces Article Pieces
Bench, Harvest Dining Table Tea Cart
Buffet (Base) Dining Chair Rugs, Large or Pad
Hutch (Top) Server Rugs, Small or Pad
Cabinet, Corner


Article Pieces Article Pieces Article Pieces
Bed Incl Sp/Matt Chair, Boudoir Dresser Single
Bed, Waterbed Base Chair, Str/Rocker Dresser Double
Bed, Rollaway Chaise Lounge Dresser, Triple
Bed, Single/Hollywood Chest, Bachelor Night Table
Bed, Std/Double Chest, Cedar Rug, Large or Pad
Bed, Queen Chest, Armoire Rug, Small or Pad
Bed, King Desk, SM/Winthrop Wardrobe, Small
Bed, Bunk (Set 2) Dresser/Vanity Sch Wardrobe, Large
Bookshelves, Sect. Dresser, Vanity


Article Pieces Article Pieces Article Pieces
Bathinette Chest Playpen
Bed, Youth Chest, Toy Rug, Large or Pad
Chair, Child`s Crib, Baby Rug, Small or Pad
Chair, High Table, Child`s


Article Pieces Article Pieces Article Pieces
Air Cond/Wind Sm Freezer, 16 or Over Refrigerator, 7 to 10 cu ft
Air Cond/Wind Lg Range, 20" Wide Refrigerator, 11 cu ft/over
Dehumidifier Range, 30" Wide Trash Compactor
Dishwasher Range, 36" Wide Vacuum Cleaner
Freezer Refrigerator (CuCp) Washing Machine
Freezer, 10 or less Refrigerator, 6 cu ft or less Dryer
Freezer, 11 to 15


Article Pieces Article Pieces Article Pieces
Bkft Suite, Chairs Kitchen Cabinet Stool
Breakfast Table Microwave Oven Table
Chair, High Serving Cart Utility Cabinet
Ironing Board

Porch and Outdoor:

Article Pieces Article Pieces Article Pieces
BBQ Grill, Small Lawn Mower, Hand Roller, Lawn
BBQ Grill, Large Lawn Mower, Power Rug, Large
Chairs, Aluminum Lawn Mower, Riding (HP) Rug, Small
Chairs, Metal Leaf Sweeper Sandbox
Chairs, Wood Outdoor Child Slide Spreader
Gard. Hose & Tools Outdoor Child Gym Table, Small
Glider or Sattee Outdoor Dry. Racks Table, Large
Ladder, 6` Step Outdoor Swings Umbrella
Ladder, 8` Metal Picnic Table Wheelbarrow
Ladder, Extension Picnic Bench


Article Pieces Article Pieces Article Pieces
Baby Carriage Filing Cab. 2 door Sewing Machine w/Cabinet
Barbells Filing Cab. 4 door Sled
Basket (Clothes) Footlockers Suitcase
Bicycle Game Table Table, Utility
Tricycle Golf Bag Tackle Box
Bowling Ball/Bag Heater, Gas/Elec Tire
Card Table Metal Shelves Tire w/Rim
Folding Chairs Ping Pong Table Toolchest, Small
Clothes Hamper Pool Table, Comp. Toolchest, Medium
Cot, Folding Pool Table, Slate Toolchest, Large
Desk, Office Power Tool, Hand Ea. Trash Can
Fan Power Tool Stand Wagon, Child`s
Fern/Plant Stands Sewing Machine, Port. Wastepaper Basket
Filing Cab. Crdbd Sewing Machine, Console Work Bench

Aproximately How Many Boxes Will You Have?

Small Medium Large

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What we do not do

We are never late. In fact, we always try to arrive early.
We do not drink alcohol during the job.
We do not steal our customers' possessions.
We do not smoke or take unnecessary breaks.
We do not have "stairs" charges.
We do not have ANY hidden charges.
We do not prolong the job deliberately in order to make extra money.
We do not keep our customers' belongings locked in the truck as a "hostage" while negotiating to get double payment.
We do not insist to get paid in full before the job is completed.
We do not insist to receive free pizza and beer for lunch.
We do not walk over your white carpet with our muddy shoes.
We do not scratch walls you just painted.
We do not insist to be tipped even if you are not pleased of our service.