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You are moving, and you don't have the heart to leave your car behind. It can be brand new or a painstakingly restored vintage - or simply a reliable workhorse that has become part of your family. In the whirlwind of moving, how can you take your car with you?

Transporting a car takes special care. Our highly qualified employees will pick it up at the point of origin and deliver it right to your door quickly and painlessly; and its wheels will never touch the road!

To help us conduct a smooth relocation of your vehicle, please make sure you can provide the following documents:

• a copy of your vehicle registration
• a copy of valid auto insurance
• a letter from the manufacturer showing the Vehicle Identification Number, which states that the vehicle meets the standards of your country of destination (if you are relocating between Canada and the USA)


Exporting your car from U.S.

Bringing your car into Canada from the U.S.A? Or, moving to the U.S., and need to have your car relocated with you? Benini Moving can help you sort through and complete all the necessary export and import documents, whether you are relocating your car to Canada or the U.S.

Government regulations for importing can change, sometimes frequently. Click on the links below to get the most up to date guidelines by the:

Registrar of Imported Vehicles (Canada)
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (USA)

Contact us today to get a fast, FREE quote for all your vehicle relocation needs.

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What we do not do

We are never late. In fact, we always try to arrive early.
We do not drink alcohol during the job.
We do not steal our customers' possessions.
We do not smoke or take unnecessary breaks.
We do not have "stairs" charges.
We do not have ANY hidden charges.
We do not prolong the job deliberately in order to make extra money.
We do not keep our customers' belongings locked in the truck as a "hostage" while negotiating to get double payment.
We do not insist to get paid in full before the job is completed.
We do not insist to receive free pizza and beer for lunch.
We do not walk over your white carpet with our muddy shoes.
We do not scratch walls you just painted.
We do not insist to be tipped even if you are not pleased of our service.