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Thinking of packing your treasured belongings in old, used boxes? Think again! Sub-standard, weak packaging just doesn't offer as much protection as your treasured belongings deserve. What's more, used boxes are often dirty and might even carry insects, parasites and fungus! Don't risk damaging the things you've painstakingly collected over the years: always use new boxes made especially for moving.

Call us today for *FREE DELIVERY* on all your moving supplies! Or contact us by email. 416 916 4946

* Good for any purchase over $ 50.
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Pic Model Box or Packing Material
Book box / 1.5 cub. ft. 1.50
Perfect size to use for all your books, files, tools, records and other heavy items. Works well for small kitchen appliances, dishes and glassware. ADD TO CART
Linen box / 3.0 cub. ft 2.50
Great for toys, pots & pans, small appliances, electronics, computer peripherals, clothing, and shoes. Nearly anything you have in drawers or on shelves can end up in this box. ADD TO CART
Large box 18" x 18" x 27" / 5.0 cub.ft. 3.50
This box is great for large, bulky items such as pillows, comforters, coats, towels, sofa cushions, Christmas decorations. ADD TO CART
Mini Dish Box 4.00
Used for china, dishes, crystal, glassware and fragile items. Extra heavy duty cardboard construction protects china, plates, serving dishes, silverware. China boxes are perfect when used with unprinted paper or bubble wrap. ADD TO CART
Large dish barrel 18" x 18" x 28" 6.50
Used for china, dishes, crystal, glassware and fragile items. Extra heavy duty cardboard construction protects china, plates, serving dishes, silverware. China boxes are perfect when used with unprinted paper or bubble wrap. ADD TO CART
File box 3.00
Transfer your important documents straight from your file cabinet into these sturdy document boxes. These classic file boxes include snug-fitting lids and are great for document storage and retrieval during and after the move. Side Handles let you move and carry these boxes with ease.Heavy duty construction. Triple wall ends. Double wall bottom. Holds letter/legal size files. ADD TO CART
Lamp box 5.00
Perfect for tall floor lamps and long, narrow lampshades and other items. ADD TO CART
Picture/Mirror box 5.00
Pictures, mirrors, paintings, calendars, maps and wall hangings. Each carton measures 4" wide, allowing 3-4 smaller size pictures per box. ADD TO CART
Polyester Floor Runner 27" x 12' 50.00
Polyester cover to protect your newly installed flooring or white carpet. ADD TO CART
King Size Mattress Cover 10.00
Short wardrobe box 24" x 24" x 42" 15.00
Pack your hanging clothes straight from your closet onto the metal hanging bar of this wardrobe box. Clothes stay virtually wrinkle free through the move. These handy boxes are also excellent for clothing storage in the attic or basement after the move. ADD TO CART
Tall wardrobe box 24" x 24" x 45" 20.00
The Perfect Box for moving clothes directly from the closet while still on the hangers. No wasted space in the box, easy to load, easy to move. Clothing hangs neatly during the move. Boxes can also be used to store seasonal clothing in your new home. Hats can be packed in the bottom. Also good for long items such as gift wrap and fishing poles. ADD TO CART
White packing paper / 10 Lb. 15.00
Clean, unprinted paper keeps items clean and secure. No more mess from printed newspaper! Use the paper for packing dishes and fine china. ADD TO CART
Bubble wrap 25.00
Heavy-duty molded polyethylene air filled bubble cells absorb shocks, reduce vibration and overcome abusive handling. All rolls are horizontally perforated every 12" for tearing convenience. ADD TO CART
Packing tape ‚Äď Large rolls 2.50
Super strong pressure sensitive polypropylene tapes for economical, repetitive, volume packing. ADD TO CART
Queen size mattress cover 7.00
A mattress bag keeps your mattress (or other large items) clean and dust free. Ideal for seasonal storage. Excellent for allergy sufferers. One clear plastic mattress bag per package so buy two to protect your mattress and box spring. This products thickness is 2 Mils. ADD TO CART
Shrink Wrap - Large Roll 25.00
Clear plastic wrapping ADD TO CART
Furniture Blanket 60" x 72" 20.00
Economy Moving Blanket 72" x 80" / 5.5 lb 30.00
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We are never late. In fact, we always try to arrive early.
We do not drink alcohol during the job.
We do not steal our customers' possessions.
We do not smoke or take unnecessary breaks.
We do not have "stairs" charges.
We do not have ANY hidden charges.
We do not prolong the job deliberately in order to make extra money.
We do not keep our customers' belongings locked in the truck as a "hostage" while negotiating to get double payment.
We do not insist to get paid in full before the job is completed.
We do not insist to receive free pizza and beer for lunch.
We do not walk over your white carpet with our muddy shoes.
We do not scratch walls you just painted.
We do not insist to be tipped even if you are not pleased of our service.