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Piano Moving

The piano is an extremely delicate instrument. In the wrong hangs, it can be damaged beyond repair: its musical qualities and its beauty can be irrevocably lost.

Benini Moving and Storage specializes in moving grand pianos, upright pianos, and organs of all sizes. Our dedicated relocation professionals are highly experienced and knowledgeable. We will protect your prized instrument with wrapping and padding to avoid any scratches.

At Benini we are committed to the safety and security of your valuables. Contact us today to get your fast, free moving estimate.

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What we do not doWhat we do

What we do

We arrange a free in-home visit if necessary in order to give a correct quote.
We sign a contract before the job starts with the starting time indicated and the conditions we already agreed to.
We completely wrap the furniture with thick moving blankets to avoid any damages or scratches.
We carefully pack the dishes and glasses and other very fragile items with white packing paper.
We take care of the pictures and the paintings.
We take care of the antiques by full wrapping, packing or crating.
We load the truck in a proper way to avoid the furniture shifting and damaging during the transportation.
When unloading into a storage locker we pack the stuff and utilize the space to save you room and avoid additional expenses.
We try finding creative solutions to the challenges wich may occur during the job.
We hoist the sofas and other heavy pieces trough the balconies if there is no other way to bring them in.
We conduct our job in a very friendly manner.
We work very hard until the job is completed.