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" I would like to express how impressed I am with your team`s professionalism, efficiency and the quality of your work. They came to my apartment for several hours to help with packing. I had no idea that they would accomplish all that they did on that day. They showed up on time, finished before the allotted time and stayed within estimate? You are lucky to have such fine employees. "

Colleen B., Brampton

" Excellent service and professionalism, we are very, very pleased! We had a large piece moving into a small space and it was done to perfection." ! We will recommend your services any time. "

Howard and Alison M., Toronto

" Very reliable, professional, courteous, careful, UNBELIEVABLE SERVICE!! I look forward to using you in approximately four more years when we leave Toronto to retire in Florida. "

Joseph H., North York

" I was relieved and happy to find Benini Moving and Storage. The move itself was smooth and professional. These guys really know what they are doing. They were professional and patient with me (especially in the unpacking phase when I could not make up my mind on where to put the sofa). "

Faz S., Richmond Hill

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What we do not doWhat we do

What we do not do

We are never late. In fact, we always try to arrive early.
We do not drink alcohol during the job.
We do not steal our customers' possessions.
We do not smoke or take unnecessary breaks.
We do not have "stairs" charges.
We do not have ANY hidden charges.
We do not prolong the job deliberately in order to make extra money.
We do not keep our customers' belongings locked in the truck as a "hostage" while negotiating to get double payment.
We do not insist to get paid in full before the job is completed.
We do not insist to receive free pizza and beer for lunch.
We do not walk over your white carpet with our muddy shoes.
We do not scratch walls you just painted.
We do not insist to be tipped even if you are not pleased of our service.