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Got a job in New York? Retiring in Florida? Starring in a new TV show in Los Angeles?

Benini Moving & Storage offers full-service moving solutions for customers moving from Canada to the U.S. We offer FREE delivery* [ Free Box Delivery ] of all packing materials, including boxes of all sizes, and we can also pack your belongings for you. We will load and unload at your desired locations, and assist you in fulfilling the necessary U.S. customs documentation requirements. We can even ship your favorite car to the U.S. [ Car Shipping ]!

Moving countries can put a lot of strain on your wallet. We offer an affordable service without compromising quality. Check out our Discount page [ Discount ] for special savings offers!

Contact us today for a FREE no-obligation quote [ Estimate ] , and let us show you how we can make your move a smooth one.

* Offer valid with regularly priced moving services.



The United States government requires certain documents of everyone relocating personal possessions to the US.

For all persons relocating to the U.S.:

Customs form 3299, often referred to as "the 3299," must accompany every shipment which crosses the U.S. border. You can access the form by clicking here: "Declaration of Free Entry of Unaccompanied Articles".

- You can fill out the form online, then print it out and sign it.
- If you prefer to print out a blank copy and fill it out by hand, make sure you print legibly and use only black or blue pen.
- Do not list the items that will be shipped on the form. Instead, state "Used household and personal items as per attached inventory list."
- On the day of moving, our driver will assist you in completing an inventory list of items as they are loaded onto the truck. The driver will then attach a copy of the inventory list to the 3299.

In addition to the 3299, the following documents will be required, depending on your country of citizenship and permanent residence:

If you are a CANADIAN citizen, you will need to show:

- a copy of the picture page of your passport
- a copy of valid visa that allows you to remain in the U.S. for more than 6 months

If you are an AMERICAN citizen, you will need to show:

- a copy of the picture page of your passport, or
- a copy of your birth certificate and one piece of photo ID, and
- a copy of your Social Security card

If you are an AMERICAN citizen relocating an estate inheritance, you will need to show:

- a copy of the picture page of your passport
- a copy of your benefactor's death certificate
- a copy of the will

With Benini Moving, your cross-border relocation can be as stress-free as possible. With our vast experience moving individuals and offices between the U.S. and Canada, we offer you the best service at the most affordable price.

Contact us today for a FREE no-obligation quote [ Estimate ]!

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What we do not doWhat we do

What we do

We arrange a free in-home visit if necessary in order to give a correct quote.
We sign a contract before the job starts with the starting time indicated and the conditions we already agreed to.
We completely wrap the furniture with thick moving blankets to avoid any damages or scratches.
We carefully pack the dishes and glasses and other very fragile items with white packing paper.
We take care of the pictures and the paintings.
We take care of the antiques by full wrapping, packing or crating.
We load the truck in a proper way to avoid the furniture shifting and damaging during the transportation.
When unloading into a storage locker we pack the stuff and utilize the space to save you room and avoid additional expenses.
We try finding creative solutions to the challenges wich may occur during the job.
We hoist the sofas and other heavy pieces trough the balconies if there is no other way to bring them in.
We conduct our job in a very friendly manner.
We work very hard until the job is completed.